Friday, May 6, 2011

The Bookworm Presents: Style Me Vintage - Hair

I promised a review of Style Me Vintage last week so finally here it is! Style Me Vintage gives a step by step guide to recreating some fabulous vintage hairstyles from the 1920s through to the 1970s. Visually the book is beautiful and features some stunning shots of each 'do'. It starts off with a list of equipment that is needed to achieve the styles which personally I think is a bit excessive. I find you can achieve most of the styles within with less than half of the equipment listed.

The styles are shown with a classic vintage shot of the style and a modern equivalent. Each style has a brief history of the style and then the equipment list needed for each style. The hairstyles have a simple step by step guide with accompanying photos to help you achieve the beautiful dos.

To be honest I have been putting off the review of this book because I have yet to decide my opinion on this book. With some hairstyles it seems that the styles are over complicated, for example placing rollers in the hair and then tonging it to achieve a 1940s peek-a-boo style and yet with other styles there is not enough information for a beginner to comprehend what is being explained. I found this when trying the Victory Rolls style. The book says to 'Roll hair loosely over your hand rather like a French pleat'. However there is no accompanying picture for this step and for anyone (like me) who has trouble with victory rolls it seems a little unclear.

Overall I think this is a stunning little book but it may be more suited to someone who is not a complete beginner at attempting these styles. For me personally I will give Vintage Hairstyling a try and see how I fair.


  1. I agree. As a beginner I find it hard to follow the instructions from the books. I find the tutorials on youtube the most helpful.


  2. I agree michelle the videos on youtube have helped me with most vintage styles but however many victory rolls videos i watched i just cant get the hang on it! x