Friday, May 27, 2011

Daily Outfit: Wing Top

Today I met up with the UN girlies for a catch up. Here's what I wore:
Wing top - Miss Hussy
Crop cardigan - SES
Pencil skirt - ???
VW Lady Dragon Cherry - Melissa

As you can see I cut my bangs back in. I'm not sure about them though and its only 3 weeks til the wedding so it might not have been the best idea!!!


  1. What is the quality of SES fashion like? I've been seeing ads for them everywhere lately but I'm hesitant to order without knowing what they are like beforehand.

  2. To be honest I normally buy in store as some bits are questionable. Its one of those stores you really have to sort through the stock to find things where the material quality is good and check the seam ect. I've ordered a few bits online and one of the tops I ordered looked quite different from the photo online so its a bit of a gamble. You definitely get what you pay for with SES x