Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Eternal Hunt for the Perfect Red Lipstick

My local chemist was selling off all their Maybelline and Loreal cosmetics for just $5 each so I snapped up a couple of new red lipsticks.
The first one was Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipcolor in Red Revival, a gorgeous deep red shade with a slight pink tone (at least on my lips!) I have to say I was very impressed with this lipstick. It had a gorgeous creamy texture that was very moisturising and was relatively long lasting for a lipstick that makes no claims to be so. My only gripe would be that the packaging is a little cheap looking for a lipstick that retails around the $16.95 mark although it looks pretty good in the campaign pictures above in actuality it is rather plasticy on the upside the tube is rather large so you get alot for your money! This would definately take pride of place in my bag as an everyday lipstick
The second was Loreal's Infallible Longwear Lip Duo Compact in 501 Invincible Red. I have to say i'm not so impressed with this lipstick. The packaging look great. I've used longwear lipsticks before and had to carry around two tubes with me. One the colour and a gloss to go over the top so the design for this packaging is ingenious. However I can't give as high praise to the product itself. The lip colour is difficult to apply precisely without a brush or first using a lipliner which defeats the object of the ingenious packaging. The lipstick itself has a slightly tacky texture even when dry. I found it to be very drying so I couldn't use it as a matte colour without the balm. As for being long lasting well the product definitely doesn't last the 16 hours it claims to. I'd give this product a miss if you're planning to wear it on a dinner date. As soon as it comes in contact with any slightly greasy food it disappears! The other downside to this product is that due to the packaging design the lipstick tube is quite small so you don't get much product for your money. I wouldn't pay the $33.95 rrp!

Keep an eye on the mobile gallery for piccies of me wearing these products!

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