Sunday, November 27, 2011

Short Vintage Hairspiration

I've found recently that the only setback of having short hair is that its very limiting in the amount of different styles you can achieve (not that I'm good at styling my hair anyway!) so I've been looking for vintage hairstyles that are easy to achieve with short hair.
The first (and easiest) one I came across is the Rosie the riveter look. Simply pop all the hair into a headscarf leaving the fringe poking out. Here's a great video from Susie Brown of the JaneDear Girls:
Short hair also lends itself very well to finger waving. 
Here's a great tutorial for quick and easy finger waves:
Pin-curling is also great for short hair that may be too short to put rollers in properly. Here's a fantastic tutorial from Super Kawaii Mama:
Once curls have been achieved you can style your hair in a number of styles from victory rolls (which I find easier with short hair)
or the pompadour (with the help of a hair fringe insert if you have a short fringe like me)
I also checked out old starlets for short hair inspiration and came across these fabulous styles:
Audrey Hepburn

Elizabeth Taylor

Ava Gardner

And finally I searched for inspiration from fellow bloggers:


  1. Totally printing out that Audrey pic as inspiration for when I next go to the hairdressers! Do you know what movie/era that was from so I can look up pictures of the hair in a less styled way to get an idea of how it should be cut and layered?
    Funny, now that I think about it many of her films use the transition from long to short hair as a marker of growing up and becoming sophisticated (Sabrina, Roman Holiday) - this is a new argument I can use when people say short hair isn't sexy!

  2. Ah, perfect! I sent this to somebody who asked about short vintage hair recently.

  3. Hi Emmi
    I think it might be from Sabrina but i'm not sure if it is cut short or just put up at the back. There are a lot of pictures of Audrey with short hair on google images though. x

    Hi Michelle
    Glad that people want to read what i'm writing. Thanks for passing this along! x

  4. Love the pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Ava Gardner. Such stunning vintage photographs!