Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries

Friday night was the first episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries are based on the books by Kerry Greenwood. Essie Davies plays Miss Phryne (pronounced Fry-nee) Fisher. A thoroughly modern Millie who sashays through the back lanes and jazz clubs of late 1920's Melbourne fighting injustice with her pearl handled pistol and her dagger sharp wit trying to solve murders. 

Friday nights episode Cocaine Blues sees Miss Fishers return to Melbourne after years abroad. Almost as soon as she checks into the Windsor Hotel, Phryne is embroiled in mystery: poisoned husbands, cocaine smuggling rings and illegal abortionists – not to mention erotic encounters with the handsome Russian dancer, Sasha de Lisse. Her adventure reaches its steamy end in the Turkish Bath Palace off Little Lonsdale Street.

Having never read the books I couldn't say how they compare but I loved the first episode and plan on reading the books soon. I also loved the outfits that Essie wore as Phryne. Here are just a few of them:

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