Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 is Finally Here!

**Warning contains spoilers!**
After a year and a half wait season 5 of Mad Men is finally here! Season 5 is set in 1966 , two years after season 4 ends. The first double episode sees Don turn 40 . Megan and Don are now married and Megan is working as a junior copy editor. Cracks are starting to appear in Don and Megan's relationship as the age gap becomes apparent when Megan throws Don a surprise party but while Megan wants to party all night Don just wants to sleep. 

It seems Pete and Trudy's relationship isn't exactly domestic bliss in the suburbs as Trudy appears to be loafing round the house in a robe and Pete is taking later trains home. Life isn't all peachy at work for Pete either as he strives to bring in new business but the rest of the partners fail to take him seriously. His annoyment is fuel further by the fact that Roger keeps muscling in on his meetings

Meanwhile Joan is on maternity leave following the birth of hers and Rogers baby. Joan's Mother is in town to help take care of the baby but is more of a hindrance than a help. After seeing an 'ad' SCDP have placed to get at their competitors Joan is concerned that her job will not be available when she returns.

The end of the episode sees Megan go home upset about Don disliking his party. Don arrives home to find Megan in her underwear and behaving erratically and attempting to clean up from the party after a steamy session on their filthy floor Megan comes to question whether the advertising industry is for her.

So all in all a great start to the season!

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