Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Emma aime at the Movies: Not Suitable for Children

The hubby and I headed into the city yesterday evening to see a screener of the romantic comedy 'Not Suitable for Children'

The movie which will be released on 28th June 2012 tells the story of Jonah (Ryan Kwanten) a young playboy who find out he will become infertile in a month after discovering he has testicular cancer. Jonah sets out to have a baby with any women that will have him. As  most women turn the offer to have a baby with him down Jonah comes to an 'arrangement' with his housemate and best friend Stevie who finds herself suddenly brooding for a baby after saying she didnt want kids for years. Jonah and Stevie's arrangement soon turns into something with a bit more feeling.

 I have to say I actually enjoyed this movie alot more than I thought I would. Far from being the shallow no-brainer comedy I thought it would be the movie has a great storyline that makes you think. I found Ryan Kwanten a little gormless and annoying as the clueless party boy Jonah but loved the character of Stevie and the interaction between them. This is a great aussie movie that is both genuinely funny and has a heartfelt story.

Check out Not Suitable for Children at cinemas near you from 28th June 2012

After the movie we headed down to Satang Thai for a dinner of yummy Pad Thai!


  1. How funny! James and I were also there! It was certainly better than I thought too, and I agree that Ryan Kwanten as Jonah had an irksome quality, but Stevie was adorable!

    1. That is funny! I think this might be one of the best aussie movies out other than Priscilla of course! x