Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tiki Bar Makeover

After 3 months I finally got around to finishing the makeover on the Tiki Bar. The bar started life as a garish 1970s bar. Here is how I turned it into a fab tiki bar:
Step 1: Remove any hardware on the bar that is not required and strip back to basics
Step 2: Prime any areas to be painted with easy surface primer
Step 3: Paint the bar top with a black gloss
Step 4: Using a glue gun glue on the fabric and sisal matting to the front of the bar.
Step 5: Cut bamboo to size and edge the bar with it, stick on using a glue gun.
and for a fab tutorial on making your own bar check out Betty Bee's tutorial here


  1. That is amazing!!!! We have a Tiki room sans an actual Tiki bar due to space. <3

  2. Damn that is nice work! This will help me see the potential in those dodgy 70s items at the opshop when looking for gear to store drinks in (either a trolley or a bar).

    1. Thanks Emmi and Meagan I just realised I didn't actually post the picture of the finished result so I will get that up soon! x