Friday, July 6, 2012

The House the 50s Built

Whilst searching for TV shows about the 1950s I stumbled upon 'The House the 50s Built'. Hosted by Professor Brendon Walker the show gives an insight into the ingenuity and life-changing technology behind the 1950s inventions that took Britain from post war austerity to a modern country that 'never had it so good' 

Each of the 4 episodes is split into rooms in the house. Episode 1 focuses on the kitchen and the ingenious inventions that gave housewives more free time.  The 1950s housing revolution replaced free-standing units, mangles and larders with fitted units, twin tubs, food processors and refrigerators.

Episode 2 looks at  he arrival of 'wonder material' foam meant that the humble sofa was revolutionised, and with the introduction of vinyl emulsions, a whole raft of new bright paint colours were available. Interior design was born, with people having the money and materials to make their homes their own for the first time.

Episode 3 focuses on the bedroom and sees revolutions the form of new fabrics, beauty products and music which lead way to the rise of the teenager.

In the last episode Brendon is transforming his garden from wartime veggie plot to 50s flower garden. The garage also gets a makeover with new vehicles which mean holidays in this country and new jet technology which gave rise to the jetsetting holidaymaker.

If you are in the UK you can watch the whole series on 4OD here


  1. This is so cool, shame I don't live in the UK :(

    1. you can watch it online here :)