Monday, September 17, 2012

Blog Catch-up: For all Those Forgotten Posts

As I am currently a Lady of Leisure I had a little time to look back over my three years of blogging and spot any blog posts I promised to make and then forgot about. Today I thought I'd give you an update of any forgotten posts:

 Remember way back in 2009 when I got my dressing table for a bargain $20 and promised I'd  post some  pictures once I had restored it. Well after rubbing back a test area I noticed that the wood underneath wasn't in great condition so I've decided to paint it black to match the rest of my bedroom furniture but as yet I haven't got around to painting it!

 Christmas of 2010 I received two books from my little sister How to Keep Well in Wartime and 101 Things to do in Wartime which I promised I would review and then quickly forgot well I have now written those reviews and will post them this week!

♥ I also started the 'Be Your Own Idol' series which quickly died off due to lack of interest but if anyone is interested I will revive this series.

♥ In October of 2010 I told you about the 'Dreaming of Dior' exhibition being held at the Westfield in Chatswood and promised a post once I had visited it. Well after driving to the other side of Sydney and getting a little lost on the way we got to the Westfield and were distinctly underwhelmed with the exhibition which in fact consisted of a few glass display cases set up outside the Meyer at Chatswood Westfield. I forgot to take my camera and there was little to see so I quickly scrapped the promised post.

♥ I've also promised a number of outfit posts over the years that have failed to materialize including:
♥ My Bowling Outfit
♥ Bird of Paradise Maxi Dress
♥ Coco Avant Chanel Outfit
♥ Snow White Outfit
♥ The Bunny Outfit I wore to the Trots
♥ Film Noir Inspired Outfit

 so next week I will do a week of outfit posts to get them all up!

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