Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Bookworm Presents: How to Keep Well in Wartime and 101 Things to do in Wartime

 Way back in Christmas 2010 my little Sister got me these books. I promised a review would follow but then forgot to write it so I am doing it now as part of my blog catch up.

How to Keep Well in Wartime was first printed in 1943 by the Ministry of Health to set out 'simple safeguards, the common sense rules and the good habits which we can make part and parcel of our everyday lives'. The book taught people to be regular in their living habits, ensure they got enough sleep and other gems of information to keep well in wartime. The book contains some information that is as relevant today as it was in the war and other snippets which are a little more humorous such as the section on 'sex problems"

101 Things to Do in Wartime was published in 1940 and provided 101 ideas for ways to stay entertained during the long dull evenings of the blackout. It contains sections on games and puzzles to play. Items to make, wartime reading, knitting and other crafts and cooking and producing food, DIY jobs for around the home to safeguard it in wartime and helpful first aid.

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