Monday, September 24, 2012

New Hair

I was planning to grow my hair back out into the bob style I had before but I got to a stage where I couldn't do anything with it and it looked so messy I resorted to wearing hats all the time so I gave in and had it all chopped off! I came across this picture of Kelly Osbourne and couldnt resist so I had it all chopped off a few weeks back. I haven't shared with you yet as I was waiting for some curling tongs to arrive that I had ordered so that I could style it properly as my hair is super straight.
 When its straight it looks a little like Jimmy's from Boardwalk empire lol! but I plan to curl it and try out these styles:
Today I was just messing around with the curling tongs so it ended up like this:
 I will be sure to bring you more pictures soon once I have got the hang of styling it!

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