Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Emma Did - 23rd September 2012

Having worked my last shift at the bakery on Wednesday I've been going into work with the Hubby to help him out which means we're keeping some very strange hours so I haven't really been doing a lot else which makes for a bit of a boring 'What Emma Did' this week but I will write it regardless. So this week I have been:
 Having a movie afternoon with the bakers
 Organising the stuff we need to apply for our next visa 
 Heading over to Ikea again to pick up some items for the bakery
 Working a shift at the creche to help out and catching up with the kids I used to look after
 Planning a day trip to Berry for a couple of weeks time
 Organising some trips for when the Hubby's Dad is visiting in November
 Renovating the desk that Tim spotted on our last movie day

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