Monday, January 14, 2013

Dinner at The Peacock

A few weeks back we went out for dinner for the hubby's birthday at the restaurant where my nephew is apprenticing, The Peacock Trattoria in Kyle Bay.

As there was a large group of us dinning we went for the 'trust the chef' option which is 5 courses of the chefs choice. This is a great option as all the dishes on the menu sound amazing but it gives you the opportunity to try dishes that you may not has necessarily have picked off the menu yourself and the staff check first that there are no food allergies or foods that you really dislike before you start.
I started off the night with an amazing lychee cocktail - the Lychee Caprioska which was fresh lime muddled with vodka and lychee liquer, topped with crushed ice & lychee sorbet.
We started off the night with this amazing crispy duck, peach, watercress, hazelnut and witlof salad with vino
cotto dressing. I love the flavor of duck but sometimes find it too fatty but the duck in the salad was deliciously crispy and succulent and the peach and hazelnut really added to the flavour.

Our second course was an amazing Kingfish Ceviche. I don't normally like fish but the Kingfish had such a mild flavour that was beautifully complemented by its seasoning that it was absolutely divine.
The third course was Baked Figs wrapped in Serrano Ham with gorgonzola, radicchio & walnut. It was absolutely delicious but a little too rich for me. 

 For our main course we had a fillet of lamb that was cooked to perfection with a delicious mint sauce accompanied by a delicious eggplant frittata with a sun dried tomato sauce.
For dessert we were treated to a kind of trifle with an amaretti biscuit base, custard cherries and orange with an amazing cherry sorbet that I would have happily eaten by itself.

Overall the food was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone the only slight downside is the waitstaff were a little unattentive at times and forgot the hubby's drink and the first few courses took quite a while to come out but I know people that go to the Peacock on a regular basis and I think this is the exception rather than the rule.

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