Monday, January 28, 2013

What Emma Did - 27th January 2013

This week I have been:
♥ Having a romantic dinner with the hubby at Banyan Tree in Cronulla followed by a wander along the beach
♥ Shopping for supplies for a few craft projects I have in the pipeline (I will share them with you once theyre done)
♥ Cooking a delicious moroccan beef and cous cous dinner
♥ Catching up with Darren for a movie and a few drinks
♥ Meeting up with the Purple fairy and my nephews for lunch at Oatley Pub
♥ Having a very quiet Australia Day staying in and watching TV!
♥ Watching the BBC series Land Girls (which I will review at some point soon)
♥ Planning a Skyfall themed date night with the hubby for Monday night (I'll share the details with you then)

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