Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Daily Outfit - Floral Fleur

Looking back over the blog it seems its been a while since I did a 'daily outfit' post so I thought I'd do one today just in case you were starting to forget what I look like. At the weekend the Hubby and I went to check out an international food fair at our local high school. I wore my new Floral Gingham Rows Fleur Dress in Blue. Excuse the strange squinting expression the sun was right in my eyes! On a side note I'm trying to grow my fringe out at the moment so have taken to wear my hair rolled back like this. You can't see if very well in the picture and its not the best its turned out. Most days I do thicker rolls so they look like fake victory rolls.
The Fleur wrap dress - Floral Gingham Rows in Blue - Heyday
Blue cropped cardigan - SES Fashions
Blue ballet pumps - KMart

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