Sunday, April 14, 2013

What Emma Did - 14th April 2013

This weeks 'What Emma Did' post is a little late this week as I have been recovering from a post ladies day hangover for the whole day! This week I have been:

♥ Going to Ikea for more bits and bobs for the new unit 
Doing my first aid  refresher course
♥ Going to the pub to catch up with the UN girlies
♥ Watching the first episodes of series 6 of Mad Men (which I will blog about soon)
♥ Getting a new (old) car as ours keeps breaking down on us
♥ Snuggling up on the sofa watching movies with the hubby - we watched Rise of the Guardians and St Trinians 2: Legend of Frittons Gold 
♥ Going to the Oatley Rugby clubs ladies day
♥ Spending all of Sunday on the sofa recovering from a post ladies day hangover and watching comedy

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