Thursday, May 23, 2013

Daily Outfit - Collectif Amelia Dress

I bought the gorgeous Collectif  Amelia check doll dress on sale back in February. Unfortunately when it arrived it didn't fit. Thanks to the Ketogenic diet that I have been on over the last week or two (I will post more on this soon) I can now fit into it so when we went out for a date night last week I took the opportunity to wear it.  
Amelia check doll dress - Collectif
Burgundy patent heels - Rivers 


  1. This outfit looks sooo lovely on you!

  2. Thank you that's very nice of you to say! I adore your blog by the way. I've loved reading all the Viva posts they make me soo jealous though. I hope I will get there one year! x

  3. Hi Emma !
    I'm actually looking for this dress; do you think it runs true to size ?
    Benedicte from Paris

    1. Hi Benedicte
      It does run true to size and the new size guide on the collectif website is quite accurate so you should be good with ordering your regular size.
      Enjoy your new purchase it is a beautiful dress!