Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Kitchen Makeover

When we first moved into our new unit the kitchen although modern was very beige. Over the last few months we have been adding our own personal touches to make it a little more colourful. Unfortunately we are only rented so we are limited with how far our renovations can go but we definitely managed to brighten up the place.

So here's the before picture, beige and bland:

I hopped on Polyvore to create a mood board for my kitchen renovation. Here's what I came up with. I went for red and turquoise to try and cheer it up a little. 

And here's some shots from our actual kitchen:
I stuck with the red and turquoise theme for a sort of vintage feel with a few other colour items for accent such as the yellow flowers. The harlequin sherry glasses came from the previous unit and they were too pretty to pack away in a cupboard so they stay out despite not really matching! I mace the curtain to cover our bin and shoe rack and made a matching pelmet to brighten up the window a little.

From top to bottom left to right: 
♥ red spot tins -, harlequin sherry glasses - vintage from etsy, red tea bags tin - , sweet jar - aldi
♥ glass pasta and rice jars - DROPPAR from Ikea (with labels from The Social Home), turquoise tea tin - Twinings, red recipes tin - Nest Emporium, teal butter dish - Le Creuset, babushka measuring cups - Girly Ggadgets
♥ wind up baker - a gift from the Hubby's Mother, red candle - kmart, swivel spice rack - ?, turquoise stripe bowl - kmart, Royal Dux pelican - eBay , Lincoln beautyware tins - vintage from etsy, momji doll - ?, pie bird - Le Creuset
♥ wooden tray - KLACK from Ikea (with red spot plastic from Bunnings added by us)

♥ Kitchen print - Flowers in May on etsy, red gingham pelmet - made by me with fabric from Spotlight, Glass vase - a gift from the Hubby's Mother, Plant pot - SKURAR from Ikea, turquoise candle trio - TINDRA LJUV from Ikea, jug - SOCKERÄRT from Ikea, yellow flowers - SMYCKA from Ikea

I'll leave you with a few of the details (The esspresso cups are also from Ikea)

* Apologies for this post being posted early and unfinished. Blogger is playing tricks with me again!