Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Emma Did - 26th May 2013

This week I have been:
♥ Trying to get over a yucky throat infection
♥ Receiving news that my little sister is pregnant - I'm going to be an Aunty!
♥ Catching up with Grantus and Barbarella and holding a wake for Grant's mother
♥ Attending Grant's mother's funeral as moral support 
♥ Catching up with Darren for some comedy and soup!
♥ Going to see the Addam's Family Musical (I will post my review soon)
♥ Booking tickets to The Great Gatsby Gala at Hoyts EQ
♥ Watching season 6 of The Big Bang Theory (I think the hubby and I are getting a bit too obsessed with this show!)

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