Monday, June 17, 2013

The Sydney Fair

On Sunday the hubby and I headed to Byron Kennedy Hall to check out all the goodness on offer at The Sydney Fair. I had free tickets courtesy of the lovely Lena at Coutura Vintage so we stopped by her stall to say hi and check out all the beautiful dresses she had for sale. Unfortunately I don't have money to spend on on vintage at the moment so we had to leave the stall before I started sobbing over all the amazing dresses I wanted to take home! I also loved the amazing Bakelite jewelry on Online Antiques stall and the gorgeous costume jewelry on Gold Coast Glitz' stall.
After all this vintage loveliness we tracked down the sofa set used in The Great Gatsby (I believe it was the one in Nick's cottage).  I was tempted to hop on over and take a seat right Leo's but had been but I thought better of it! Next we checked out the amazing display of 1920's couture from Coutura Vintage:
I'll leave you with a snapshot of my outfit for the day. As shallow as it may sound I was ecstatically happy when I tried this dress on as I bought it from Etsy way back in August last year and this is the first time that it actually fit me!
60's Emerald Green Dress - Rose Above Vintage on Etsy 
50's Green Hat - Poppycock Vintage on Etsy
Black Ballet Pumps - Kmart


  1. Holy guacamole that dress is hot hot hot!! LIKE OMG IT FITS YOU PERFECTLY!! Congratulations on fitting into it, I have a few pieces that I'd like to fit into ahahahha but I think that will be borderline anorexic of me. Seriously Em, this dress. You. That outfit. I love it. It's perfection.

    1. Thank you lovely. It is a beautiful dress and I picked it up pretty cheap as well. Its got a couple of holes on the arms that I didn't realised when I put it on but its along the seams so should be easy to stitch up! x