Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our Second Wedding Anniversary - The Fijian Feast

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary. As the hubby had to work in the morning and we didn't have much spare cash to spend we decided to have a quiet night in with a takeaway and a bottle of wine. We got married in Fiji so we decided to turn our meal into a Fijian feast. Unfortunately there are no Fijian restaurants in our area so we went for Indian which is about the closest we could get!

Our dinning table was decorated with mementos of our trip. The orchids are from Grantus' Mum's garden and were a gift from him before he headed back to Victoria. The salt and pepper pots and the frame with our wedding photo in where purchased in Fiji. As was these little carved figures which I'm told are a symbol of love and marriage in Fiji. The flowers are a selection of hair flowers that I bought in Fiji.

We spent the evening listening to Fijian choir music and going through our wedding pictures sharing the memories of the day.

We are having a day trip to Bowral today to celebrate our anniversary so stick around for details of that! 


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