Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Daily Outfit - 50s Fair 2013

In previous years I have spent ages stressing about my outfit for the 50's Fair but this time I took inspiration from Tim and Jesse of Like Johnny and June who last year turned up in a more casual 50s look.
So this year I am not taking myself to seriously and came up with a look that is kind of Frida Kahlo meets 50's and in fact is not very 50's at all!
 Cropped Gypsy Top - Vivien of Holloway
Green Jumper Skirt - Bettie Page Clothing via Modcloth
Delicious Apple Bag - Ollie & Nic
Red Ballet Flats - Kmart
Bamboo Bangles - Bow and Crossbones
Enamel Bangles - FashionEStop on eBay
Red hoop earrings with handpainted roses - Bygone Beautys
Hair flowers - ?