Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Sydney Vintage and Retro Fair 2013 - Saturday and Sunday

Saturday at the show kicked off bright and early. I arrived at the show around 10am and after dumping my bag backstage headed over to the Lindy Charm School stall to have my hair and makeup done by the lovely Miss Chrissie and co. Then I dashed backstage to get dressed for the first parade which was 'ethnic vintage'
My outfit consisted of my own gypsy top that I made, my own jewellery and shoes, a stunning fan from ... and a beautiful Bavarian style skirt from Fossil Vintage. I loved the skirt so much that I purchased it straight after the parade and lucky I did as the seller told me that 4 other people had asked her about it after I snapped it up!
There was a little time between the first and second parades so I took some time to have a look around the stalls at all the vintage goodies on offer. I spotted many amazing dresses on offer but didn't have too much to spend so didn't purchase anything else. After wandering around all the stalls it was time to head backstage to get ready for the next parade which was in fact a vintage lifestyle pop up at the Monster at No 14 stand.
I was wearing a super cute 50s peignoir set and posing in the boudoir area with Miss Kitty.
The hubby arrived just in time to see this parade and afterwards we grabbed a spot of lunch on the run before heading back stage for the last parade of the day which was spring fashion.
I was wearing this awesome Hawaiian floral dress from Elise designs which as it happens matched perfectly with my Melissa talking heels. So after a long but incredibly fun day I headed home to put my feet up and get ready to do it all again the next day! 

Sunday was much the same as Saturday but I did not stay for the third parade as I was feeling a little under the weather. In between parades I went to listen to the fascinating talk given at the Cavalcade stand about ladies fashions in the 1950's and the beautiful evening dresses on display.
I'll leave you a few pictures of the beautiful dresses on display at the Cavalcade stand:
Thanks to Justin and Nora for some of the photos in this post! 

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