Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Emma Did - 10th November 2013 (the late late edition!)

Well its got to Tuesday and it has only just occurred to me that I didn't post last weeks 'What Emma Did' post so here it is. This (last) week I have been:
♥ Staying indoors trying to recover from this yucky cold
♥ Having the bakers over for a catch up
♥ Working our way through seasons 6 and 7 of Dexter
♥ Going to the pub to catch up with the UN lot
♥ Going to watch the Sydney Roller Derby League grand finals (which I will blog about soon)
♥ Selling our old car on ebay
♥ Reading a whole range of books including the latest Bridget Jones book Mad about the Boy (which is a little disappointing), the last Shopaholic book Mini Shopaholic (which I didn't enjoy. Becky has gone from endearing to just plain annoying) and the Call the Midwife series (which I love)

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