Sunday, December 1, 2013

What Emma Did - 1st December 2013

The 1st of December feels like a good time to return to blogging. My last 'What Emma Did' post was on 10th November 2013 so I thought I'd let you know what I've been up to since then. So without further ado recently I have been:

♥ Going to Ikea to grab some bits for our balcony (I will share some snaps with you soon)
♥ Going Christmas shopping with the Hubby and grabbing a yummy San Churro tasting plate to share
♥ Meeting up with Jodie and the Purple fairy for drinks for Jodie's Birthday
♥ Throwing a Tupperware Party (more on this soon)
♥ Making Pom Poms for a Christmas indoor snowball fight with the Hubby 
♥ Stitching a advent calendar to be filled with Christmas activities for me and the Hubby to share (I will post more on this soon)
♥ Becoming an Aunty (again) as my little sister gave birth to a little baby boy that they named Kian on November 26th! 
♥ Catching up with my Nephew Tom for a lunch for his birthday
♥ Putting up our Christmas tree! 


  1. We just put up our tree too! Super exciting hey!!

    1. I saw your piccies on the blog, looks awesome! Mines looking a bit bare buts I'll make some more decorations for it over the next few weeks! x