Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Daily Outfit - Burlesque at Baroque

As promised here is the outfit that I wore for Burlesque at  Baroque last Friday night. Unfortunately I didn't pick up my camera so the Hubby took this snap on his iPhone so the details aren't really clear but that may be an advantage as being the first circle skirt I have finished the construction isn't the best.

I added the plain blue satin material to the bottom of the skirt as I miscalculated the measurements and only bough fabric that was 45" wide and so the skirt was incredibly short. I think it worked out pretty well with the plain colour at the bottom though but being a satin like material it was pretty slippery to sew and it frays like billy-o. I was rushing to get the skirt finished in time for our weekend away so not all the seams are finished to a standard i'm completely happy with but I will got back and tidy it up before I wear it again.
Here's a close up of the fabric (along with my hair flowers from the night). I got both fabrics from Lincraft. The teal colour oriental brocade was (I believe) $14.99 a meter and the teal party satin was $6.99 a meter. As for the pattern I followed the tutorial on Fickle Sense and used the handy calculator available at The Snugbug for working out the measurements.  I made a full circle skirt but next time I think i'll opt for a half circle as the extra fabric in a full circle is quite bulky (and warm) and I think the half will be more flattering for my figure.

 Although I'm not completely happy with the skirt (mostly due to my lack of sewing ability) I am pretty proud of myself so actually finishing a circle skirt and it is a good start to my resolution to sew one item of clothing a month. I confident by the end of the year I'll be sewing these things up like a pro!

And now finally for the rest of the outfit details:
Skirt - made by me
Blue sweetheart neck top - Target
Blue ballet flats - Rubi Shoes
Pink hair rose - Kmart
peacock hair clip - ?


  1. sounds like you had a fun night out.
    your outfit is truly beautiful. the ocean blue suits you so well.