Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lady Luck Festival - Burlesque at Baroque

Friday night of the Lady Luck Festival was Burlesque at Baroque which was held in the beautiful Baroque nightclub which is part of the Carrington Hotel.

We arrived early and grabbed a drink but didn't have to wait long for the first band to play which was The Rusty Spring Syncopators. I have heard a little about this band before as one of the members is an associate of ours but have never had the opportunity to hear them play and I have to say they did not disappoint. Their ' crusty blues, rusty rags and manky-janky jazz' sound is awesome as is there outlandish choice of instruments (tin bath anybody).

The second act of the night was the stunning Porcelain Alice. Unfortunately the crowd had to wait a little longer to see her act as there was a sound malfunction but this gave us the opportunity to find a better viewing position as the crowd had surged onto the dance floor of the baroque and were all vying for a good view. The sound problem was eventually sorted and Alice performed a sultry (if a little quick) bond girl femme fatale routine. Straight after Venus Vamp performed a sexy high energy routine to Minnie the Moocher.

After a short interval (and some great rockabilly tunes)  Ava Torch hit the stage. While she was popular with the crowd her sound wasn't really the hubby and my cup of tea so we decided to head back to the guesthouse but not before trying to find a food place open which proves to be impossible in Katoomba after 11pm!

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