Friday, January 10, 2014

I want to ride my bicycle

I never learnt to ride a bike as a child. My dad tried to teach me doing the tried and trusted holding on to the back of the saddle and letting go once I got going method but I was always to much of a scaredy cat and as soon as he let go I freaked out so subsequently I never actually learnt to ride a '2 wheeler'.

As I have got older I have got a little braver about trying new things. When it comes to bike riding I have romantic images of the Hubby and I riding over to our local park for a picnic in the sunshine flying around my head so when the Hubby asked what I wanted for Christmas I asked for a bike.
My new bike

My bike arrived today and after some palaver putting it together I strapped on my helmet and gave it a go. So how did I got you ask? Well the answer is not great! I am still rather terrified of falling off and hurting myself. This fear stretches to going down hills and not being able to stop and stopping suddenly and flying over the handlebars as well! You also have to contend with the embarrassment factor of trying to learn a bike as an adult and I spent today's try worrying that people could see me and stressed myself out so much that I ended up crying in the Hubby's arms at my humiliation and uselessness!

But fear not dear readers for I am not giving up yet! After checking out some very helpful videos on Youtube I vow to try again but this time I'm planning on wheeling my bike over to the Purple Fairies garden where I can practice on a nice long stretch of soft grass (rather than hard concrete) without the fear of people watching my feeble efforts and in the meantime I will be conjuring up more images like this in my mind to help motivate me!


  1. you bike is great and i'm shure you will learn it :)
    wish you luck

    1. Thank you lovely! I will be sure to persevere! x