Friday, January 24, 2014

#RE2014 - Reevaluating my Wardrobe - Part 2

Now that I have done the hard part and actually cleaned out my whole wardrobe it is easy to see the wardrobe staples that I am missing and these are the ones are am planning on acquiring over the coming year:

To  Make:
♥ A plain black circle skirt - this is a classic item but weirdly I don't own one!
♥ A grey or brown plaid pencil skirt - rather like this bettie page one
♥ Vintage style gypsy tops in red and blue spot
♥ Simple cotton summer dresses for really hot days 

To Buy:
♥ Vintage style shorts - I always have trouble finding shorts that fit well
♥ Black high waist trousers - I love the Franky Swing trousers from Collectif
♥ Lorenza Houndstooth Swing Trousers - I love these!
♥ Classic black heels - in an ideal world it would be Louboutins but i'll find something within my budget!
♥ Freddies of pinewood jeans - I love the utility ones
♥ Capri's in black and denim

As one of my new years resolutions was to make at least one item of clothing a month it should be easy for me to get through the list above. As for the buying stuff I will pick bits up over the course of the year. I am trying to concentrate on being a bit more ecologically friendly when it comes to my clothes which means I will try to get items vintage or thrifted but some things I just can't resist buying new! This has become especially prominent in my life recently as in the last month a number of items of clothes and pairs of shoes that I bought cheap off Chinese and Korean eBay shops have broken on me and I have decided I would rather spend my money on something that is better constructed and more ethically made!

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