Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#RE2014 - Reevaluating What is in my Makeup Case

Dear readers I have a confession to make. I can't remember the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes! So at the weekend I cleaned out my makeup case and gave my brushes a good clean. I then went through all my makeup products and threw out anything that was old and made a list of items I need to replace. Following this handy guide from :
Sorting through my items I found some that were years old! (Not that I use them you understand) and it occurred to me if I am so fussy about the skincare products that I put on my skin I should also be a bit fussier about the quality and age of my cosmetics. Having said that I think it will be hard for me to throw out my mascara after only a few months as I don't use it every day so I will probably be throwing away most of the tube! Why they don't sell mascara in smaller tubes is beyond me. Having said that I have noticed that my current mascara (which is less than a year old) has started to irritate my eyes a little recently so maybe there is something to these expiration dates.

So with this in mind I have set myself some cosmetic resolutions. Which are as follows:
♥ To clean my makeup brushes at least once a month (considering I only wear makeup a few times a week this should suffice)
♥ To replace outdated makeup with products that are not tested on animal and environmentally and ethically friendly 
♥ To ensure that I keep to the expiration dates on products 
♥ To ensure the cosmetic products are use are gentle and kind and not packed full of chemical nasties

How are you reevaluating your cosmetic use readers? 

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