Monday, March 10, 2014

Catchup - Speigelworld: Empire

I finally have time to write this post so I'm writtng it as one of my catch-up posts of things that I have done over the past few months but have not had the time to blog about.

Some time back the hubby and I went to the Entertainment Quarter where the Spiegeltent was pitched for the amazing Speigelworld Empire. We spent a while relaxing in the beautiful beer garden before the doors of the Spiegeltent where thrown open and we went to find out seat. We thought we had located them on the back row but I turned out that the row of the seats we had booked had been taken out and we we're given an upgrade to seats with a much better view of the stage!

Before the show started, whilst the audience were being seated the performers were wandering amongst the audience interacting with them. The show kicked off in spectacular style with a beautiful bubble performance by Miss A in a Bubble (who also performed a contortion act later in the night). Compares (and married couple) Oscar and Fanny then introduced the band, guitarist Moon Dog and the singer Miss Purple. They then went on to perform a quick change act where Oscar ended up naked (and thrusting in unsuspecting audience members faces!) Fanny got her own back later in the night when she pulled a (un)willing participant up on stage and performed a burlesque/strip routine for him!

As the night went on the audience was thoroughly entertained by one amazing act after the next including a foot juggling act from Big Mac Boy and Black Flintstone, an amazing and death defying roller-skate act from Blue Tarpoleon and Polka Dot Woman, awesome Cyr and German Wheel acts from the Half Naked Asian Dude Wearing Pigtails and many more awe inspiring and comedic acts.

The last act of the night was 3D Graffiti Guy's Sanddorn Branch Balance.  As the audience held their breath in anticipation 3D Graffiti Guy balance one branch against the next starting with the very smallest branch which had a feather balanced on the end and building up into a huge structure the swayed and bobbed and seemed to take on a life of its own. By the time the structure was finished it reached way out over the audience and with one single blow on the feather 3D Graffiti Guy bought the whole thing crashing down on the stage. It was a truly beautiful thing to watch and if Speigelworld comes back to Australia I for one will be snapping up tickets!

The spiegeltent will be pitched in the Entertainment Quarter Sydney until March 2nd. Book your tickets here for this awe inspiring show!

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