Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#RE2014 - July: Review

July's #RE2014 buzzword is Review and as we are halfway through the year it is a perfect time to look back over the year #RE2014 posts and catch up on anything I may have missed.  Over  the last few months I haven't delivered on a few #RE2014 posts that I promised so I will be sure to update you on the promised posts including:

I will write some posts about new skills I was planning to master including:
Archery - I write a post about the time the Hubby and I went to the Archery Centre at Olympic Park
Learning to drive - I will update you on my progress
Photography - I am hoping to get a new camera for my birthday so I do a post about using that

During May Restore month I didn't manage to get my promised Restore posts up due to personal reasons so I will be bring you posts about some restoration projects as well as posts about things that I am trying to bring back into my life including:
A cabinet restoration / makeover
Starting to horse ride again
Re-learning how to make bobbin lace

During March's Reimagine month I promised you some outfit redux so I will be sure to get some of these posted

During February's Reduce month I promised some budgeting posts about reducing outgoings. I will try to get some posts up soon.

I will also try to write some posts about things that I have promised to post about over the life of the blog then completely forgot. These include:
My bowling outfit
My easter bunny dress outfit
Recent op shop finds
My dressing table makeover
A review of Aldi's Moroccan hair oil

So all in all it will be a busy month of posts on the blog!