Friday, April 17, 2015

Mad Men - Season 7: The Final Episodes

I may be a little behind the rest of the Mad Men fans out there but last night I finally sat down and watched the first episodes of the final 7 Mad Men episodes. Rather than think of this post as a little behind the times I would rather think I am spreading out the enjoyment so that this fabulous TV series will last longer for me (or perhaps I am just delaying the inevitable end!)

So for anyone that hasn't seen them yet a quick recap of the first episode:

The series starts with Don back to his womanizing ways (and perhaps worse than ever on that count). Megan is now firmly out of the picture and Don is back on top when it comes to his work life. After a string of random women Don begins a dalliance with a diner waitress who intrigues him after paying her to have sex with him in an alley!

Don is also shocked by the news that Rachel Katz from Menkin's department store has died of leukemia. Don goes to her apartment to try and find answers.

Peggy and Joan are insulted by misogynistic clients and are still facing the problem of being professional women in a male orientated profession. The pair argue and Peggy tells Joan that dressing like she does she is bound to have dealt with this before. When Joan retaliates Peggy reminds her that she doesn't have to deal with this as she is filthy rich (Perhaps a snipe at how Joan got her partnership). Joan reacts by going shopping and Peggy reacts by accepting a blind date that she is set up on by Mathis with his brother-in-law and after drinking too much agrees to go to Paris with him but then cannot find her passport. In the cold light of a hungover morning Peggy has second thoughts.

Ken Cosgrove is fired suddenly after his father-in-law retires from Dow as the new boss of Dow does not want him on the account (as they have history). This is also after an argument with his wife who tells him he should retire and go back to writing rather than work in a job that he hates but instead of retiring to write his book he takes the head of advertising position at Dow.

The episode ends with Don back at the diner pondering life and death (is this an omen of things to come?)

And so a great start to the end of the series and although I don't want to see the series end I can't wait to see how they will end it. Ahh what a paradox I am in!

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