Friday, May 15, 2015

Goodbye Mad Men

Sunday night is the last ever episode of Mad Men and I will be fare-welling the show with Don Drapper's favourite tipple an Old Fashioned. In order to make your own Old Fashioned you will need:

Sugar syrup
Angostura bitters
A cherry and slice of orange to garnish

In old-fashioned glass, combine simple syrup and bitters. Fill glass halfway with ice, then stir about a dozen times. Add enough ice to fill glass. Squeeze orange peel over glass to extract oils, add peel to glass, and add whiskey. Stir just until drink is cold and alcoholic bite has softened, about a dozen times. Garnish with cherry, swizzle stick, and straw.

Here is Don making his version:

And now that we have the drinks poured here are my predictions for the final episode:

With the dreams Don has been having of late, Rachel telling him he has missed his flight, a policeman pulling him over telling him they have been looking for him the theory that Don could become DB Cooper seems a good possibility however these dreams may just be Don;s conscious telling him its time to get out of the advertising industry, out of New York and to become the man her really is. To drop Don Draper and be Dick Whitman.

The opening sequence of a man falling to his death always seemed to have some foreshadowing of things to come however whether this death is physical or metaphorical remains to be seen. Could this be the death of Don Draper will Don/Dick finally drop this persona and after years of searching become complete.

One thing is for sure this season seems to have caused more questions than answers and with one episode to go these seems a lot of lose ends to tie up. I for one cannot wait for the final episode!

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