Monday, May 18, 2015

La Soiree 2015

On Friday night the Hubby and I had a rare night off together so we headed to Brisbane to watch La Soiree at QPAC. W saw La Soiree last year at the Opera House and had a fantastic night so when we saw they show was on again this year we just had to get tickets.

La Soiree is a fabulously bawdy cabaret of amazing acts including  new burlesque, circus sideshow and contemporary variety. The show kicked off with an amazing puppetry act by caberet decadence. The audience was then entertained by some amazing balancing by the English Gentlemen, great hula hooping by Jess Love, Freddie Mecury's reincarnation Mario Queen of the Circus and a hilarious ping pong act by David and Fofo. Captain Frodo's crazy contortions through a tennis racket had the audience amused and amazed and the first half closed in style with a stunning performance by Bath Boy. Whoever would have thought bathing in just a pair of jeans would be so sexy!!

The second half was equally entertaining with some fast paced skipping by Jess Love, a hilarious reading of Mills and Boomn by Asher Treleaven  and Hamish McCann of the English gents performed a stunning 'singing in the rain' pole dancing performance that would have left Gene Kelly gasping in amazement. There were so many more amazing acts crammed into the show that I can hardly name them all but I will say this La Soiree is always a great night out!

La Soiree is only on in Brisbane until 24th May so be sure to book your tickets soon here!

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