Sunday, May 24, 2015

What Emma Did - 24th May 2015

I was just about to sit down and write this weeks 'What Emma Did' post when I realised that I didn't actually write a post last week so this post will cover the last two weeks. So without further ado this week (and last) I have been:
♥  Getting my learner license renewed so I can finally book some driving lessons
Going for a roast at the RSL with the Hubby 
♥ Heading to Brisbane to see La Soiree at QPAC 
♥ Getting out tickets for the cruise
♥ Getting my trike service so it is road worthy again
♥ Heading into Brisbane again - this time to enter our bread in the Queensland Baking show and winning first place for our Rye Sourdough and Ciabatta
♥ Going to Ikea to get a new bed
♥ Taking the kayaks out for a whiz around the lake 
♥ Reading Mort by Terry Pratchett 
♥ Watching the last episode of Mad Men and yet more I Love Lucy (I've almost watched them all now!)
♥ Starting on the Keto diet and making some delicious Keto recipes including a homemade satay and Keto pizza

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