Friday, May 22, 2015

Looking like Lucy - Recreating some of Lucille Ball's Outfits from I Love Lucy

Recently in my (very limited) spare time I have been working my way through my box-set of I Love Lucy and a fair few of Lucy's outfits have caught my eye. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite outfits from the series with some recreations so you too can look like Lucy:
The first outfit is Lucy's much coveted sheer black rhinestone encrusted housecoat. Lucy's housecoat appears in a number of episodes. It is nigh-on impossible to find a recreation of this item but for something similar and equally as stylish why not try the fabulous Lamarr Robe in Dita Von Teese (collection pictured on the right)

The second outfit is this this lovely ensemble comprised of a swing jacket and pencil skirt which is featured in the episode 'Lucy is Matchmaker'. Vivien of Holloway have this amazing Swagger jacket and matching pencil skirt in the same style. Top the outfit off with gloves, hat and a pair of vintage style shoes for a fab Lucy-like outfit.
The next outfit is the most iconic Lucy outfit, her blue polka dot dress. I recreated this outfit when we went to see Everybody Loves Lucy (see it here). It features the Collectif Betty Lou polka dot dress is blue chiffon (pictured right)

And finally with all these fabulous Lucy outfits it might be time for one from Lucy's best friend Ethel. Throughout the series Ethel wears a number of wonderful wrap dresses. Original 1950's wrap dresses can be found on eBay, Etsy and a number of vintage sellers or for a reproduction one how about this lovely Fleur dress from Heyday.

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