Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cruise Month - Destination Lifou, Loyalty Islands

Our second port of call is Lifou in the Loyalty Islands. Lifou is made up of Lifou Island, the largest and most heavily populated of the Loyalty Islands, its smaller neighbour Tiga Island, and several uninhabited islets in between these two. All these islands lie among the Loyalty Islands, 190 km (120 mi) to the northeast of New Caledonia's mainland. At 1,146 km2 (442 sq mi), Lifou Island is the largest atoll in the world.

The town of Wé, on Lifou Island, is the administrative centre of the commune of Lifou as well as the provincial seat of the Islands Province

1,207.1 km2



CFP Franc

Ethnic distribution:
Kanaks 96.9%
Europeans 2.6%
Polynesians 0.1%

Other 0.4%

INSEE/Postal code: 
98814 / 98820

0–104 m (0–341 ft)

What to see and do in Lifou:
♥ Don your snorkel and head to Jinek Bay
♥ Take a walk up the hill to check out the views of Easo including the church
♥ Take in the scents of Lifou's Vanilla House
♥ Check out the stunning caves and grottos

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