Friday, July 10, 2015

Cruise Month - Destination Port Vila, Vanuatu

Port Vila is the capital and largest city of Vanuatu and is located on the island of Efate. Situated on the south coast of the island of Efate, in Shefa Province, Port Vila is the economic and commercial centre of Vanuatu.


Bislama is spoken by everyone as the day-to-day language. In addition, English and French are also widespread. Other Indigenous languages are also spoken in the city.

Vanuatu vatu

Ethnic distribution:
Predominately Melanesian, with small Polynesian, Asian, Australian and European populations, mainly French and British.



What to see and do in Port Vila:
♥ Take a trip to the Mele Cascades
♥ Learn about the local culture at Ekasup Village
♥ Enjoy some nature at the Summit Gardens
♥ Visit the worlds most unusual post office - the underwater post office
♥ Do some shopping for souvenirs at Port Vila Markets
♥ Take the ferry to Iririki Island

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