Sunday, August 9, 2015

What Emma Did - 9th August 2015

I can't believe we're already in August. The year seems to be flying by. I just realised that I have yet to write a 'Monthly Muse' post for this month so I will get to that soon but for now. This week I have been:
♥ Going to pick up a new fish tank (and new fish)
♥ Having a horrible blood test that included having blood taken from both arms, syringes and the Hubby almost fainting! 
♥ Going for a roast at the RSL
♥ Having a midnight movie marathon with the Hubby and watching Confetti 
♥ Winter-proofing our house as it has turned rather cold around here
♥ Buying a rabbit hutch as we have decided to get a bunny! 
♥ Getting a new laptop as our old one finally gave up on us (thus the radio silence on the blog!)
♥ Spending some more of my birthday money on some Erstwilder pieces from Gwynnies

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