Monday, August 3, 2015

Daily Outfit - Anchors Away!

Banned Small Anchors Cardigan - Gwynnies
Yours Sincerely Full Circle Skirt in Snow White - Target
50s pinup vintage rockabilly multicolor top, worn underneath (see bottom photo) - Queen of Holloway 
Judy Sunglasses in Navy - Collectif via Gwynnies 
White shoes - ???

Regular readers will probably notice that I like to don a nautical style outfit from time to time and what better time than on a cruise! Here is the outfit I donned to board our cruise.  The outfit was warm enough to keep me warm on a chilly winter morning in Brisbane but still felt like a holiday outfit. 
Not only was this outfit perfect for the chilly Brisbane weather but it also was great for our sail away party!

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  1. You look lovely, this is the perfect outfit for a cruise! That cardigan is really wonderful, I especially love the striped detail on the cuffs and collar.