Friday, October 2, 2015

Days out Driving and Camera Fails

On Tuesday the Hubby and I had to go to Wardell for an appointment so we decided to take the new car out for a run and drove the tourist drive 28 from Wardell through the beautiful country towns of Alstonville, Teven and up to Tintenbar. As it was a gloriously sunny day we stopped on the way to wander the rainforest boardwalk through Victoria Park Nature Reserve. I snapped some pictures of the amazing flora and fauna around but unfortunately my camera had a low battery and the pictures did not actually take even though it appeared to be taking pictures!
 This rather poor outfit shot with me pulling a weird face is the only picture that actually came out but I will be sure to reshoot this outfit sometime soon.
After wandering around the forest we hopped back in the car and headed to Summerland House Farm. Summerland House Farm is a House with No Steps business enterprise which has transformed a working macadamia and avocado farm into a large scale agritourism destination for the Northern Rivers area.

Summerland House Farm was established in 1972 as a regional operation for the House with No Steps organisation founded by Lionel Watts in Sydney some 10 years earlier.  The organisation is dedicated to creating opportunities for people with a disability to make the most of their abilities.

Located on 172 acres on the scenic Alstonville plateau, the farm has sweeping views of the east coast line and hinterland avocado and macadamia farms.

When we first got to Summerland farm we checked out the grocers and gift shop before wandering through the water park to the cafe where grabbed a spontaneous Devonshire tea at the cafe.

After lunch we went to check out Watts Cottage Museum. The Museum recognises the work that House With No Steps founder Lionel Watts did to create equal opportunities for people with a disability. In 1956, Lionel Watts contracted polio and was left a quadriplegic. After a long recovery from the acute illness, Lionel tried to find a rehabilitation program, which would enable him to re-enter the workforce. None was available. He also found a sad lack of training and rehabilitation programmes for many other types of disabilities. At that time he, and his wife Dorothy, committed themselves to helping people with a disability to gain employment, independence and inclusion. So began ‘House With No Steps’.

After our museum tour we hopped back in the car and back onto the tourist route 28 through the town of Alstonville and up to Teven and Tintenbar before heading home.

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