Sunday, October 18, 2015

What Emma Did - 18th October 2015

It seems I forgot to write my 'What Emma Did' post last week so this weeks will be a double bill covering the past two weeks. So this fortnight I have been:
♥ Having a Walking Dead marathon as we catch up on season 5 ready for the new series
♥ Going out to the RSL for our regular Thursday roast
♥ Taking the bunnies for their injectons
♥ Starting a new craft project and making a busy book for my lil nephew
♥ Picking up a new (to me) sewing machine which is making crafting a whole lot easier
♥ Spending a night at Mt Tamborine (which I have yet to blog about but I will soon)
♥ Going out for lunch at the Belle General
♥ Getting the house ready for our visitors that arrive next week

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