Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Glasses ... the Perpetual Dilemma of Style vs Praticality

I picked up my new glasses today, a week after my initial appointment. Having forgotten what actual frames I'd decided on in the end I was both pleased and disappointed with the results. Pleased that I had gone for a style and colour that were practical and suited me. However I was also a little disappointed that I didn't stick to my guns and go for the bright red 50s style cat eye glasses I first decided I wanted before having set foot in the opticians.

In hindsight I think I made a hasty decision. Maybe I should have taken longer to pick my frames. I think I may have got swept along in the optician whirlwind of here's your prescription lets pick some frames. Not that the optician is to blame you understand. I was quite aware of here gently guiding me towards the more expensive frames with a subtly persuasive sale technique.

In truth I am more disappointed with myself than my actual purchase. The fact that yet again I did not speak out for myself. I did not just say thanks but I cant see frames of the style I really want. I'm annoyed that I once again did not go for the style that made a statement and settled for practicalities. Yes there is sense in being practical but sometimes its just a little... well... boring.

By some stroke of serendipity whilst catching up with one of my favourite blogs Chic and Charming I noticed the links for these fabulous posts by Already Pretty and You Look Fab. They both offer great advice about picking your frames. Its just unfortunate that I did not find these before I picked my glasses but there's always next time! I certainly will follow their advice in teh future definately in regard to taking pictures wearing certain frames and sleeping on your decision.

In the meantime I will try out my new glasses with some of my 1940s and 1950s inspired outfits that I love and see how it works out this space dear readers ... x

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