Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daily Outfit

Emma bumpit @ Emma aime I was worked at the creche on friday then headed over to "the office" (aka the pub) for a couple of drinks with the girls of the UN Convention (our groups nickname as we're all from different countries!) I wore the dress that I bought when I went shopping with the Purple Fairy at Market City last week.
Emma outfit 21/01/10 @ Emma aimeDress - Passion
Shoes - New Look (UK)
Elasticated Headband - Supre
Hair - Bumpits


  1. Great photo - love the hair. Try the Vidal Sassoon Hair Poufs from bombshellbeauty online. They work great to create the 60's Bardot look! They hold securely in place. You will love them.

  2. You look so summery, it's freezing here!

  3. Hi Queen - thanks i'll give them a go!
    Gingey - its 32 in sydney at the moment so i'm enjoying the sunshine! x