Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emma aime ... Sultry Sally

I may have mentioned in previous posts that since being diagnosed with polycycstic ovaries I have to be very careful about what I eat. I make sure that everything that passes my lips contains less than 5% sugar and fat. Unfortunately this means I miss out on some yummy treats and every girl needs a treat now and then.

I was browsing in my local fruit shop and deli and found the solution - Sultry Sally chips. Not only are they 95% fat free but they are also low in sugar which makes them an ideal treat for me! They come in four delicious flavours Salt and Vinegar, Thai Sweet Chili and Lime, Sea Salt and Cheese and Onion.
As if this wasn't enough the packets have these fab pinup girls on them. Packets retail at $3.99 for a 125gm packet. Check out the Sultry Sally website for stockists.

Happy snacking dear readers ... x


  1. Hi Emma,

    Just found your fab blog.You're a girl after my own heart.Tattoos,burlesque,1940's etc.There used to be a women only burlesque club,that peformed to only women,called 'Gurlesque',but I'm not sure if that's still around - I think it was Newtown based.look forward to reading more about your adventures in my home town :) x

  2. Cheese and onion,mmmmmmmmmm

  3. Hi Glasgow Galah,
    thanks for reading my blog. Ive heard of gurlesque i think theyre still on the circuit. x

    Gingey - I can't stand cheese and onion but the others are yummy! x