Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet Treats Good Enough to Eat

Strawberry Cupcake Pendant by beadpassion on Etsy

As a child I was into my crafts and I had a Fimo set that I used to make cute flower and ladybug jewellery with. As an adult I'm back into my cute jewellery especially the 1950s style flowers or cherry jewellery. However being on a budget a lot of the pieces that I see today on Etsy or other similar sites leave me thinking I could make that and save myself they money! So i finally bought myself a Fimo set.
Chocolate Kiss Sweet Box by evenemi on Etsy
Whilst searching on Etsy for cheap Fimo sets I noticed the recent trend of cute dessert and sweet inspired jewellery. I didn't realise just how big it was until I saw the post on Super Kawaii Mamas blog - Diet Without Giving Up Cake. I just adore these and for me i can really have my cake and eat it as due to my diet restrictions I can only have sweet treats on rare occasions and when I do most cakes and the like look a lot better than they taste. I am going to experiment with making a few of my own and I'll bring you the results in future posts!
Have a sweet treat today dear readers ... x

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  1. FIMO! I loved that stuff when I was a kid! I keep looking at all the cute cupcakey - chocolatey themed things on Etsy in amazement - how do they manage to do such intricate,tiny details?!?!? Look forward to seeing your works of art.By the way,Ebay do beuatiful and cheap hair flowers.I've had to curb my addiction as I now have a few shoeboxes overflowing.xox