Monday, March 8, 2010

On an Easter hunt for the Golden Egg

Dearest readers

Do you ever get one of those moments when you just have to have a certain foodstuff. Well I had one of those cravings today. This left me scouring the supermarkets like a woman on a mission for Cadbury's Mini Eggs. I have to be honest I'm not normally a Cadbury's chocolate fan but Mini Eggs are a definite exception to the rule. However on this occasion I my search came up fruitless (or eggless should I say!) I found no trace of Mini Eggs or any Mini egg related products. No chocolate nests no Mini egg cakes and even no cheap home brand Mini egg like substitutes. It seems that even though we are in a tropical climate Mr Cadburys Parrot does not reside here. So I had to settle for Dairy Milk Eggs in the end but its just not the same!

So if any of you lovelies can track down these delicious Easter treats in Sydney please let me know

Join the Easter egg hunt dear readers ... x


  1. AHHHHH I love Cadbury Mini-Eggs like nothing else! They are SO GOOD - I swear they use different chocolate on the inside because it tastes so much better!

    I work at Target in Melbourne, and we sell them there, so theoretically so should Target stores in Sydney? I also see them in Coles... it's sad that you can't find any!

  2. Thanks for the tip Miss Emmi, I tried Coles here but I couldnt find them I'll try Target though.