Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa Came!

Yes dear readers Santa made a stop at our house this year and I must have been a good girl because I did extremely well this Christmas. I got this gorgeous Art Deco crystal glass dressing table set from my Mum and Step dad. They're sending it out in bits due to the exorbitant UK postage so I only have the pots for the time being but there is still the candlesticks, ring holder and tray to come. I can't wait to get the whole set and once I do I will photograph it again.
From the hubby I got this gorgeous new handbag and although its not vintage it reminds me of this one on Etsy that I also might have to snap up. The hubby also got me a DS game, a Buddha candle holder to turn out bathroom into a zen sanctuary and the first Vampire Academy book by Richelle Mead. He knows my love of all things vampire and its turning out to be a jolly good read! The hubby's mum got me this gorgeous red shoe necklace. She knows how I love shoes and all things red!

Way back in September when my older sister came to visit she bought me a white cotton maxi dress with bird of paradise flowers on. Its not my normal vintage style but I saw it and fell in love with it! I imagined myself wearing it while sunning myself on Fiji when we go in July to get married! I'm sure to do an outfit post in the future wearing the dress so you can all see it then.

My little sister (who also put in for the maxi dress) also got me a couple of books: How to Keep Well in Wartime and 101 Things to do in Wartime which I've yet to read but once I do I will be sure to post reviews.

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